Course language indication legend

When a course is not taught (exclusively) in the programme's language of instruction, the languages used are indicated in square brackets following the the course name, using the following iso codes:

  • bg: Bulgarian
  • cs: Czech
  • da: Danish
  • de: German
  • el: Greek
  • en: English
  • es: Spanish
  • fr: French
  • it: Italian
  • ja: Japanese
  • nl: Dutch
  • no: Norwegian
  • pl: Polish
  • pt: Portuguese
  • ru: Russian
  • sh: Kroatian/Serbian
  • sl: Slovene
  • sv: Swedish
  • zh: Chinese
Semester information legend

Semesters are indicated by their number (1 or 2); semester 3 represents the summer period.
When a letter precedes the semester number, the course has multiple offerings and the the letter represents the specific offering.
When a semester is shown in parenthesis, it is not offered this academic year in the associated offering.
The frequency and year of next offering are encoded as follows:

Colour legend

Courses in gray are not offered in the academic year for which you are consulting the study programme. If they are offered in a different academic year, this is indicated with a footnote.

Contact hours legend

If the contact hours are in parentheses, this is a course that deviates in terms of the number of credits. Click on the course name to consult the course specifications and to find the correct number of contact hours and any deviating content.