Course language indication legend

When a course is not taught (exclusively) in the programme's language of instruction, the languages used are indicated in square brackets following the the course name, using the following iso codes:

  • bg: Bulgarian
  • cs: Czech
  • da: Danish
  • de: German
  • el: Greek
  • en: English
  • es: Spanish
  • fr: French
  • it: Italian
  • ja: Japanese
  • nl: Dutch
  • no: Norwegian
  • pl: Polish
  • pt: Portuguese
  • ru: Russian
  • sh: Kroatian/Serbian
  • sl: Slovene
  • sv: Swedish
  • zh: Chinese
Semester information legend

Semesters are indicated by their number (1 or 2); semester 3 represents the summer period.
When a letter precedes the semester number, the course has multiple offerings and the the letter represents the specific offering.
When a semester is shown in parenthesis, it is not offered this academic year in the associated offering.
The frequency and year of next offering are encoded as follows:

Colour legend

Courses in gray are not offered in the academic year for which you are consulting the study programme. If they are offered in a different academic year, this is indicated with a footnote.