Third year of the 4 -year model track Mt1 version 6

Language of instruction English

2 - General Courses

The courses programmed in the 1st semester of the 4th bachelor’s year are to be taken at the home campus of Ghent University

1Process Engineering13KR01Philippe Heynderickx601505
2Process Modelling and Control13KR01Shodhan Rao601505
3Immunology13KR01Stefan Magez451505
4Bioinformatics13KR01Wesley De Neve451505
5Molecular Biology13KR01Hoo Sun Chung501505
6Probability and StatisticsJ3KR01Arnout Van Messem12025010
7Company Visits and Scientific SeminarsJ3KR01Michael Dunne3025010
8Economics and Marketing23LA27Yung Hung601505
9Molecular Genetics23WE09Geert De Jaeger52.51505
10Plant Physiology23WE09Stephen Depuydt501255