First year of the 2 -year model track Mt1 version 10

Language of instruction Dutch

1 - General Courses

1Meteorology and Ecoclimatology11LA20Hans Verbeeck501505
2Climate Change Processes [nl, en] 21LA20Diego Miralles501505
3Soil Physics [en] 11LA20Wim Cornelis501505
4Environmental Soil Sensing [en] 21LA20Philippe De Smedt401204
5Hydrological Modelling11LA20Niko Verhoest401204
6Groundwater Flow21LA20Niko Verhoest30903
7Open Channel Hydraulics11LA20Niko Verhoest401204
8Nutrient Management [en] 21LA20Stefaan De Neve (50) 903
9Water Quality Management [en] 21LA22Wout Van Echelpoel401204
12Land Evaluation [en] 21LA20Ann Verdoodt501505
13Soil Erosion Control: Principles and Practice [en] 11LA20Ann Verdoodt401204

2 - Elective Courses

Subscribe to 27 credit units from no less than 1 and no more than 6 module(s) from the following list, of which at least 1 course unit is included from the list 2.1 Engineering Skills for Climate Adaptive Management of Land and Water. Subject to approval by the faculty.


Full-time standard learning track:

Students can choose which of the elective course units are taken in the first respectively the second standard learning track year (unless otherwise specified); in combination with the general course units, students take a total of 54 to 66 credits per standard learning track year. The sum of the total number of credits taken up over the 2 standard learning track years must be 120 credits.

2.1 - Engineering Skills for Climate-Smart Land and Water Management


2.2 - In-depth Knowledge and Skills in Land, Water and Climate


2.3 - Broadening Knowledge and Skills in Technology, Land Use and Management, and Data Analysis


2.4 - Entrepreneurship and Management


2.5 - Skills and Attitudes


2.6 - Open Choice