Objectives and Attainment Targets of the Study Programme


Masters of Veterinary Medicine first and foremost are to have the required and appropriate knowledge and competence to maintain or restore the health of animals ("animal doctor "). In second place, veterinary surgeons are required to be duly capable of evaluating interactions between man and animal and of placing these interactions as part of a wide social context. In order to do so, veterinary surgeons are to have a due knowledge and understanding of normal and abnormal behaviour in animals and pets, of animal welfare, of zoonoses and of the monitoring of the chain in the production of food of animal origin. During their training, veterinary surgeons shall have acquired a critical and analytical mindset, enabling them to assume their traditional role in veterinary medicine next to building careers in other biomedical sectors.

Attainment targets

The attainment targets of the Master of Veterinary Medicine study programme encompass the general skills and competences of critical and scientific thinking, allowing for complex and cross-discipline issues to be duly approached and resolved. Masters of Veterinary Medicine are expected to be duly capable of communicating and collaborating with professional peers and laypersons and to have appropriate people management skills. They are to have an advanced knowledge and understanding of their discipline enabling them to exercise the profession of veterinary surgeon as well as perform scientific research.