Second year of the 2 -year model track Mt1 version 11

Language of instruction English

1 - General Courses

1Fire Dynamics (1)dTW14Tarek Beji601806
2Design for Structural Fire Resistance1aTW14Emmanuel Annerel30903
3Industrial Fire Protection and Explosions (2)dTW14Filip Verplaetsen15903
4FSE Based Firefighting (2)dTW14Karel Lambert22.5903
5Risk Management (2)dTW14Robby Caspeele30903
6Fire Safety and Legislation (1)dTW14Jan De Saedeleer15903
7Active Fire Protection I: Detection and Suppression2aTW14Christian Gryspeert30903
8Interaction between People and Fire2aTW14Edwin Galea15903
9Active Fire Protection II: Smoke and Heat Control1aTW14Bart Merci30903
10Passive Fire Protection1aTW14Emmanuel Annerel30903
11Performance-Based Design2aTW14Patrick van Hees601806

2 - Elective Courses

1Thermodynamics, Heat and Mass Transfer1TW14Georgios Maragkos601806
2Analysis of Structures1TW14Ruben Van Coile30903
3Material Behaviour at Ambient and Elevated Temperatures1TW14Bart Merci15903

3 - Project