Complete programme (120 credits) -- for re-enrolment only version 9

Language of instruction English

1 - General Courses


The references in the list below represent the following fields:

  • Basic Life Science (BLS)
  • Biomedical Technology (BT)
  • Medical Device Design (MDD)
  • Health Care (HC)


1Quantitative Cell BiologyBLS11LA25Andre Skirtach30903
2From Genome to OrganismBLS11GE31Fransiska Malfait601806
3Modelling of Physiological SystemsBLS11TW06Patrick Segers67.51806
4Biomedical ImagingBT11TW06Stefaan Vandenberghe25903
5BioelectronicsBT11TW06Pieter Rombouts30903
6BiomaterialsBT11WE07Tom Gheysens1806
7BiomechanicsBT21TW06Charlotte Debbaut1806
8Technology in Clinical NeuroscienceBT21TW06Pieter van Mierlo903
9Medical PhysicsBT21GE38Klaus Bacher30903
10Biomedical Product DevelopmentMDDJ1WE05Ewout Vansteenkiste301806
11Medical EquipmentMDD21GE35Sunny Eloot601505
12Human and Environment, Safety and RegulationsMDD21GE38Carlos De Wagter401204
13Technology and Design of Artificial OrgansMDD12GE38Thierry Bové1806
14Clinical Study Design and BiostatisticsHC12GE38Barbara Vanderstraeten25903
15Leadership in Health CareHC22TW06Pascal Verdonck22.5903
16Health Information and Decision Support SystemsHC22VUBJef Vandemeulebroucke31.5903
17Hospital ProjectHCJ2TW06Pascal Verdonck30903

2 - Elective Courses

Subscribe to 24 credit units from no less than 1 and no more than 5 modules from the following list. Subject to approval by the faculty.
  • 6 credit units in year 1
  • 18 credit units in year 2

2.1 - Elective Courses Biomedical Engineering


2.2 - Elective Courses Cluster Medical Devices


2.3 - Elective Courses Cluster Health Care


2.4 - Elective Courses Study Programme VUB


2.5 - Elective Courses Ghent University of VUB


3 - Master's Dissertation

1Master's DissertationJ26072024