Complete programme (120 credits) version 6

Language of instruction English

1 - General Courses

1Mathematic Models [nl] 11TW06Denis Constales601806
2Analysis of Systems and Signals [nl] 11TW06Gert De Cooman (60) 903
3Technical Thermodynamics [nl] 21TW08Michel De Paepe (60) 903
4Kinematics and Dynamics of Mechanisms [nl] 11TW08Magd Abdel Wahab (60) 903
5Turbomachines11TW08Joris Degroote601806
6Displacement Pumps, Compressors and IC Engine Fundamentals11TW08Sebastian Verhelst601806
7Mechanical Vibrations21TW08Mia Loccufier67.51806
8Electrical Drives [nl] 22TW08Luc Dupré (60) 903
9ICT and Mechatronics22TW08Guillaume Crevecoeur601806
10Controlled Electrical Drives12TW08Frederik De Belie601806
11Manufacturing Planning and Control12TW18Birger Raa601806

2 - Courses Related to the Main Subject

1Introduction to Maritime Technology11TW15Evert Lataire601806
2Hydrostatics and Propulsion of Maritime Constructions21TW15Guillaume Delefortrie601806
3General Arrangement, Structural Arrangements and Construction of Marine Structures21TW15Evert Lataire601806
4Structural Stability12TW14Robby Caspeele601806
5Construction Techniques22TW08Wim De Waele30903
6Manoeuvring and Seakeeping Behaviour of Maritime Constructions12TW15Guillaume Delefortrie601806
7Design of Maritime Structures12TW15Evert Lataire15903

3 - Elective Courses

Courses to a total amount of 6 credits to be chosen from:
• Elective Course List Master of Science in Electromechanical Engineering
• the study programmes of the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture
• the study programmes of Ghent University
Subject to the Faculty's approval.

4 - Master's Dissertation

1Master's DissertationJ26072024