First year of the 2 -year model track Mt1 version 3

Language of instruction English

1 - General Courses

1Mathematic Models [nl] 11TW06Denis Constales601806
2Unit Operations in Chemical Industry11TW11Geraldine Heynderickx601806
3Surface Phenomena and Catalysis [nl] 21TW11Mark Saeys601806
4Sustainable Chemical Production Processes11TW11Kevin Van Geem601806
5Chemical Process Design21TW11Philip De Smedt751806
6Kinetic Modelling and Simulation11TW11Joris Thybaut601806
7Polymer Reaction Engineering21TW11Dagmar D'hooge601806
8Computational Fluid Dynamics in Chemical Technology21TW11Geraldine Heynderickx30903
9Thermal Installations11TW08Michel De Paepe751806

2 - Elective Courses

At least 21 credits to be chosen from the list of elective courses in Master of Science in Chemical Engineering (English programme) or from the list below.

Subject to the Faculty's approval.

2.1 - Elective Courses Bridging Programme Master of Science in Chemical Engineering