Profile of the Programme

In actual public health physiotherapists have become indispensable links in prevention, treatment and
rehabilitation of injuries and diseases. This position in the medical world implies that the education in
rehabilitation sciences and physiotherapy has a narrow affiliation to medicine. A thorough knowledge of the
human body, the diseases and problems of this body, as the possible consequences of these medical
conditions are mere examples that stress this close relationship.

In the first bachelor year students will get a broad basic scienctific education, although directly applied to
physiotherapy and rehabilitation. From this first year on there will be maior attention for the practical learning
procedure of basic technical physiotherapeutic abilities. In that way the student is able to train his practical
skills from the start.
In the second en third bachelor year the already accomplished konwledge, skills and scientific views will be
furhter deepened and integrated in a next serie of subjects. These subjects in both years will be tuned off on
eachother as regards content (horizontal), as well as vertically integrated within these three first years.
Together the bachelor in rehabilitation sciences and physiotherapy will lay a medico-social demanded base
for the futute rehabilitation scientist and physiotherapist.