Third year of the 3 -year model track Mt1 version 3

Language of instruction Dutch

1 - General Courses

29Patient Approach in Rehabilitation and PhysiotherapyJ35GE51Peter Vermeir33813
30Scientific Project in Rehabilitation and PhysiotherapyJ35GE24Mira Meeus1081084
31Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy of the Musculosceletal system: Lower Limb136GE37Erik Witvrouw1142439
32Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy of the Neurological System135GE37Dirk Cambier751626
33Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy of Rheumatological Disorders135GE37Jessica Van Oosterwijck471084
34Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy of the Musculosceletal System: Upper Limb235GE37Ann Cools801897
35Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy of the Musculosceletal System: Lumbal Spine and Pelvis235GE37Vincent Dewitte711626
36Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy for the Elderly236GE37Dirk Cambier601355
37Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy for Children 1135GE24Hilde Van Waelvelde48753
38Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy for Children 2236GE24Christine Van den Broeck471255

2 - Work Placement

2Clinical PlacementJ35GE37Erik Witvrouw362408