Second year of the 3 -year model track Mt1 -- for re-enrolment only version 2

Language of instruction Dutch

1 - General Courses

15Exercise Physiology123GE30Jan Bourgois551355
16Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy of the Cardiovascular System124GE37Heleen Demeyer531355
17Physiotherapeutical Treatments: Upper and Lower Limb123GE37Ann Cools861626
18Physiotherapeutical Treatments: Spine222651355
19Neuropathology222GE34Jan De Bleecker451084
20Neurosciences122GE37Patrick Calders32813
21Introduction to the Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy of the Neurological System122GE30Matthieu Lenoir33813
22Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy of the Respiratory System224GE35Eric Derom451084
23Physical Means in the Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy124GE38Carlos De Wagter33813
24Movement and Health 2J24GE30Greet Cardon421084
25Behavioural Development22330813
26Adapted Physical Activities for Persons with a HandicapJ2430813
27Methodology of Scientific Research224GE39Pascal Coorevits751626
28Screening and Evaluation224GE37Roel De Ridder33813

2 - Work Placement

1Introduction to Clinical PlacementJ24GE37Damien Van Tiggelen40903