Complete programme version 5

Language of instruction English

1 - General Courses

The exchange programme contains a preferred list of English courses taught at UGent of the Master of Science in Biology. If you want to choose another course of the main programme, please contact the departmental Erasmus coordinator.

Tips Learning Agreement:

  • Please check the departmental rules for incoming students.
  • A minimum number of 24 ECTS per semester (or 48 ECTS per year) should be chosen.
  • 80% of the credits should be chosen from the course programme in Biology (i.e. minimum 19 credits on a total of 24 ECTS).
  • Short or long term (up to 1 year) research projects can be chosen. Students should have an agreement with a promoter at the faculty of Sciences (UGent) prior to sending their learning agreement, and include the letter of acceptance with their application.


1Advanced Biostatistics1WE11Carl Vangestel52.51505
2Computational Biosciences1WE02Peter Dawyndt601505
3Biological Excursions in the Human BrainGE34Robrecht Raedt401355
4Immunology and Pathology2WE14Martin Guilliams411355
5Limnology2WE11Dirk Verschuren401355
6Marine EcologyWE11Ann Vanreusel351355
7Microbial Ecology1aWE10Anne Willems34.51405
8Molecular Plant Physiology (1)dWE11Dominique Van Der Straeten461355
9Multivariate Data AnalysisWE11Koen Sabbe601355
10Ornithology2aWE11Luc Lens491355
11Paleobiology of Micro-organisms1WE13Stephen Louwye501405
12Advanced Cell Biology (1)dWE14Geert van Loo401505
13Functional Diversity of Prokaryotes (1)dWE10Anne Willems27.51204
14Taxonomy and Systematics1WE11Koen Sabbe45.51204
15Phylogenetics1WE11Olivier De Clerck321204
16Integrated Biodiversity research Project2WE11Olivier De Clerck106.21505
17Biodiversity Patterns in Space and Time1WE11Koen Sabbe47.51204
18Paleobiology1WE13Thijs Vandenbroucke62.51505
19Biodiversity Conservation2WE11Frédérik Leliaert351204
20Microevolution and Speciation1WE11Frederik Hendrickx581806
21Evolutionary Morphology1WE11Lars Chatrou301505
22Evolutionary Developmental Biology2WE11Paul Witten451505
23Climate Change2WE11Dirk Verschuren37.51204
24Spatial Ecology1WE11Dries Bonte401505
25Ecosystem Dynamics1WE11Elie Verleyen501505
26Ecosystem Functioning1WE11Tom Moens561505
27Behavioural Ecology2WE11Diederik Strubbe451204
28Ecological Modelling2WE11Dries Bonte742107
29Conservation Genetics2WE11Philippe Helsen57.51505
30Ecosystem Management and ServicesJWE11Maurice Hoffmann147.52107
31Plant Developmental Biology2WE09Tom Beeckman461505
32Biology of Ageing2WE11Bart Braeckman351204
33Physiological Regulation in Plants1WE11Dominique Van Der Straeten501505
34Physiological Regulation in Animals2WE11Johan Aerts401355
35Functional Biotic Interactions2WE10Dirk de Graaf621806
36Functional Abiotic Interactions1WE11Bart Braeckman751806
37Model Organisms2WE11Bart Braeckman52.5903
38Bioethics1LW01Heidi Mertes25803
39Evolutionary Developmental Biology of Animals2WE11Paul Witten451405
40Evolution of Primates and Paleo-anthropology2aWE11Dominique Adriaens24753
41Biodiversity of Aquatic Food Webs: from Algae to Marine Mammals1WE11Marleen De Troch30903
42History and Philosophy of Biology1LW01Johan Braeckman30903
43Introduction to Biomimicry1WE11Liliana D'Alba Altamirano37.5903
44Research ProjectA:1