Complete programme (180 credits) version 8

Language of instruction Dutch

1 - General Courses

1Chemistry I: Structure of Matter111WE06Klaartje De Buysser581425
2Physics 1111WE05Matthieu Boone58.51385
3Mathematics I111WE01Koen Thas62.51505
4Biosphere: Zoology111WE11Wim Bert501505
5Introduction to Mineralogy111WE13Stijn Dewaele501505
6System Earth: Geology111WE13David Van Rooij491365
7Chemistry II: Changes in Matter212WE06Klaartje De Buysser581425
8Physics 2212WE05Natalie Jachowicz34.51255
9Mathematics II212WE01Koen Thas62.51505
10Biosphere: Botany212WE11Annemieke Verbeken501505
11Introduction to Petrology212WE13Johan De Grave501505
12Earth System: Introduction to Geography212WE12Amaury Frankl491365
13Structural Chemistry123WE07Richard Hoogenboom37.5903
14Mathematics 3 and Geostatistics [nl, en] 123WE02Christophe Ley62.51505
15Sedimentology123WE13Maarten Van Daele501505
16Stratigraphy123WE13Thijs Vandenbroucke501505
17Optical Mineralogy & Petrography123WE13Veerle Cnudde62.51505
18Paleontology of plants123WE13Stephen Louwye62.51505
19Analytical Chemistry224WE06Mieke Adriaens752007
20Physics 3224WE05Toon Verstraelen62.51505
21Introduction to Geographical Information Systems and Surveying Engineering224WE12Alain De Wulf62.51505
22Geology of Belgium224WE13Marc De Batist62.51505
23Structural Geology with Exercices on Geological Maps224WE13Marc De Batist62.51505
24Geological Mapping A224WE13Marc De Batist87.51505
25Palaeontology of Animals136WE13Thijs Vandenbroucke62.51505
26ProgrammingUKV136WE02Peter Dawyndt501505
27Hydrogeology [en] 135WE13Thomas Hermans351054
28Petrology of Crystalline Rocks135WE13Stijn Dewaele62.51505
29Geophysics135WE13Marc De Batist451505
30Geology and Sustainability236WE13Stijn Dewaele351204
31Remote Sensing236WE13Kristine Walraevens551204
32Quaternary Geology236WE13Maarten Van Daele441204
33Isotope Geology236WE13Johan De Grave451505
34Marine Geology236WE13David Van Rooij351054

2 - Elective Courses

Subscribe to 1 module from the following list. Subject to approval by the faculty.

Students who have followed the Educational Track, can enter directly into the educational master's programme.

2.1 - Geology Track15


2.2 - Educational Track15