Complete programme (60 credits) version 7

Language of instruction Dutch

1 - General Courses

Subscribe to no less than 25 and no more than 40 credit units from the following list.Subject to approval by the faculty.
1Philosophical Issues in the Life Sciences [en] 21LW01Gertrudis Van de Vijver451505
2History of Science21LW01Maarten Van Dyck451505
3Metaphysics21LW01Leen De Vreese451505
4Epistemology: Capita Selecta11LW01Maarten Van Dyck451505
5Logic: Capita SelectaJ1LW01Joke Meheus451505
6Philosophy of Science: Capita Selecta11LW01Fons Dewulf451505
7Advanced Research Issues in Philosophical Anthropology11LW01Farah Focquaert451505
8Capita Selecta in Ancient and Medieval Philosophy: Analysis of Text11LW01Danny Praet451505
9Capita Selecta in Modern and Contemporary Philosophy: Analysis of Texts11LW01Gertrudis Van de Vijver451505
10Issues in Contemporary Ethical Theory11LW01Kasper Raus451505
11Advanced Study of Issues in Social and Political Philosophy11LW01Sigrid Sterckx451505
12Sexual and Relational Ethics [en] 21LW01Tom Claes451505
13Bio-ethics11LW01Guido Pennings451505
14Global Ethics [en] 11LW01Lisa Diependaele451505
15Non-western Philosophy [en] 11451505
16Philosophy of Modern and Contemporary Art11LW01Bart Vandenabeele501505

2 - Elective Courses

Subscribe to no more than 15 credit units from the study programmes of a university of the Flemish Community (including the Ghent University Elective Courses). Subject to approval by the faculty.

The number of credit units the student may or must take depends on the total number of units taken from the module with general courses: invariably (at the least) 0 to (at the most) 15.


3 - Master's Dissertation

1Master's DissertationJ1LW01Danny Praet3060020