Complete programme (60 credits) version 7

Language of instruction Dutch

1 - General Courses

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1Slavic Literatures: Modernism and the Interwar Period [en, ru] 11LW21Ben Dhooge451505
2Text and Written Culture of Slavia Orthodoxa [nl, en] 21LW21Dieter Stern451505
3History and Sociology of the Slavic languages11LW21Dieter Stern451505
4Contrastive Slavic Discourse Analysis [nl, en, ru] 11LW21Aleksey Yudin451505
5Ukraine: Historiography, Language, Nation-Building [ru] 21LW21Aleksey Yudin451505
6Language and Textual Analysis: Russian [ru] 11LW21Aleksey Yudin451505
7Language and Textual Analysis: Bulgarian [bg] 11LW21Dieter Stern451505
8Language and Textual Analysis: Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian [sh] 11LW21Pieter Troch451505
9Slovene V [sl] 11LW21Dieter Stern451505
10Slovene VI [sl] 21LW21Dieter Stern451505
11Russia between East and West [en] 21LW21Ben Dhooge451505
12Anthropology of (Post)Socialism11505
13Language, Power and Society in Southeast Europe1451505

2 - Elective Courses

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2.1 - Module 1: Internship


2.2 - Module 2: Free Choice


3 - Master's Dissertation

1Methodology: Preparation to Master's Dissertation11LW21Ben Dhooge451505
2Master's DissertationJ1LW21Aleksey Yudin8.545015