First year of the 3 -year model track Mt1 version 3

Language of instruction Dutch

1 - General Courses

As it is currently unclear whether the Belgian COVID 19 pandemic measures will allow for foreign mobility, students following the third bachelor’s year in the academic year of 2020-2021 will follow an adapted 'corona programme'. This consists of: 1) the Bachelor's Essay (module 1.3.), 2) the 'Corona Module Dutch in Ba3' (module 1.4.) and 3) the 'Corona Module in Ba3'
(module 2.4.).

If student mobility is possible, however, students will be able to go on a foreign exchange in the second semester: they will look for courses at the host institution that are as close as possible to the courses from module 2.4. that have been programmed in the semester in question.

Students who are not going on an exchange will be asked to follow up the guidelines that will be published by the end of August before they select the course session of those courses that are organized both in the first and the second semesters.

1.1 - General and Domain-specific Courses


1.2 - Dutch


2 - Courses Related to the Foreign Language

For students enrolled on the exchange programme:

  • choose 2 courses with reference A in the language of the host country
  • choose 3 courses with reference A in the other foreign language
  • choose the course with reference B for one of the foreign languages, i.e. the literature course for which no equivalent is chosen at the host university.

For students enrolled on the home programme:

  • choose all courses with reference A and B for both foreign languages

2.1 - German


2.2 - Italian


2.3 - Immersion


2.4 - Corona Module in Ba3