Complete programme (240 credits) version 5

Language of instruction English

1 - General Courses

1English for Academic Studies 111KR01Michael Dunne601505
2General Biology11KR01Stephen Depuydt601505
3Inorganic Chemistry 1: Structure of Matter11KR01Francis Verpoort601505
4English for Academic Studies 2A:2
1KR01Michael Dunne601505
5Inorganic Chemistry 2: Reactivity of Matter21KR01Tanja Cirkovic Velickovic601505
6Microbiology21KR01Magdalena Radwanska601505
7Mathematics 1: Engineering MathematicsJ1KR01Shodhan Rao12030010
8Physics 1 and 2: Mechanics, Vibration, Waves and ThermodynamicsJ1KR01Surender Kumar12030010
9InformaticsJ1KR01Wesley De Neve12030010
10Organic Chemistry 1: Structure and Reactivity12KR01Philippe Heynderickx601505
11Chemical Analytical Methods12KR01Tanja Cirkovic Velickovic481204
12Plant Biology12KR01Stephen Depuydt30903
13Animal Biology12KR01Magdalena Radwanska30753
14Biochemistry12KR01Stefan Magez601505
15Mathematics 2: Multivariable Calculus and Geometry12KR01Shodhan Rao601505
16Physics 3: Electricity and Magnetism12KR01Serge Zhuiykov601505
17Organic Chemistry 2: Advanced Reactivity22KR01Philippe Heynderickx601505
18Physics 4: Optics and Physical and Chemical Thermodynamics22KR01Serge Zhuiykov601505
19Mathematics 3: Differential Equations22KR01Shodhan Rao601505
20Molecular Biological Analysis22KR01Magdalena Radwanska601505
21Environmental Chemistry22KR01Philippe Heynderickx601505
22Introduction to Food Science22KR01Sam Van Haute601505

2 - General Courses


The courses programmed in the 1st semester of the 4th bachelor’s year are to be taken at the home campus of Ghent University

1Process Engineering13KR01Philippe Heynderickx601505
2Process Modelling and Control13KR01Shodhan Rao601505
3Process Technology13LA24Frederik Ronsse451505
4Food Chemistry13KR01Tanja Cirkovic Velickovic601505
5Food Technology13KR01Sam Van Haute601505
6Probability and StatisticsJ3KR01Arnout Van Messem12025010
7Company Visits and Scientific SeminarsJ3KR01Michael Dunne3025010
8Economics and Marketing23LA27Yung Hung601505
9Technology of Non-animal Products23KR01Sam Van Haute601505
10Food Microbiology and Preservation 23LA23Andreja Rajkovic601505
11Case Studies and Company Visits14LA24Erik Meers401255
12Human Nutrition14LA23John Van Camp601355
13Food Marketing and Consumer Behaviour14LA27Wim Verbeke451204
14Food Safety and Risk Analysis 14LA23Liesbeth Jacxsens451255
15Milk and Dairy Technology14LA23Koen Dewettinck601204
16Meat and Meat Products14LA22Stefaan De Smet601204
17Technology of Fishery Products14LA23Frank Devlieghere30753
18Research Methodology and Project24KR01Michael Dunne15050020
19Project Management, Entrepreneurship and Intellectual Property24LA07Benedikt Sas481084
20Food Legislation24LA07Liesbeth Jacxsens25753
21Quality Management Systems in Agro-food Chain24LA23Liesbeth Jacxsens45903