First year of the 2 -year model track Mt1 version 2

Language of instruction English

1 - Elective Courses

Subscribe to at least 80 credit units from 1 learning path from the following list. Subject to approval by the faculty.

For a full programme, including the course work within each learning path, the case study and the Master's Dissertation, 120 credits have to be obtained.

General conditions:

1  Approval curriculum: per semester, by local coordinator & Mant. Board

2  Exceptions on approval of the Mant. Board only

3  Courses with ref. A assure that desired learning outcomes (LO) are attained. Unless the LO of the course(s) concerned have already been acquired, they are obligatory. If required, this will be tested by the local programme coordinator

1.1 - ERASMUS MUNDUS Learning Path


1.2 - ATLANTIS Learning Path


1.3 - EKAFREE Learning Path


1.4 - ESPOL Learning Path