Objectives and Attainment Targets of the Study Programme


The Bachelor of Applied Economics training programme prepares students to actively and flexibly fill managerial duties in the financial, industry, trading and service sectors as the realm in which private enterprises, public agencies as well as social profit organisations operate. Future business economists are trained to enable them to tackle business issues in an integral manner. During the course of their training, students are acquainted at close quarters with virtually all functional aspects of the world of trade and industry: general management, administration, manufacturing, sales, finance, human resources, ...

Attainment targets

The knowledge that is to be acquired with a due sense of insight and perspicacity includes: the ability to duly fathom the basic concepts of business economy; the ability to situate business economy entities in the general economic context; to be able to distinguish the principal outlines of the various functional domains in business economy entities; to be capable of placing the social relevance and the position of business economy into context as part of society at large; to have an in-depth understanding of the auxiliary sciences such as mathematics, statistics and information technology, insofar as relevant to the analysis of business economy issues and with a view to enabling students to serve and operate in business economy entities in their subsequent professional careers; to have a thorough command of various languages, insofar as relevant with a view to enabling students to serve and operate in business economy entities in their subsequent professional careers; the ability to connect with related scientific disciplines such as law; to be able to situate business economy within the wider context of the humanities and social sciences.

The skills students are required to be able to duly apply include: the ability to use the body of concepts from the field of business economy; the ability to analyse business economy issues based on an in-depth basic understanding of business economy theory and to duly arrive at a synthesis; the ability to put forward scientifically underpinned solutions for business economy issues; the ability to think methodically and logically; efficient communication skills, including in foreign languages; to be able to work as part of a team; the ability to use information and communication technology.

The training programme endeavours to instill the following attitudes into students: self-reliance; critical faculty; independence; integrity; objectivity; sociability; the ability to make decisions; structuring.