Complete programme (180 credits) version 14

Language of instruction Dutch

1 - General Courses

1Economics (A)111EB21Koen Schoors451204
2Economics (B)211EB21Koen Schoors451505
3Accounting (A)111EB22Patricia Everaert451204
4Accounting (B)211EB22Patricia Everaert451204
5Business Administration212EB23Mirjam Knockaert451204
6Mathematics I(A)111WE02Joris Van der Jeugt37.51204
7Mathematics I(B)211WE02Joris Van der Jeugt37.51204
8Statistics I(A)112WE02David Vyncke451204
9Statistics I(B)212WE02David Vyncke30903
10Informatics212EB24Seppe vanden Broucke451505
11Production Technology112LA24Kristof Demeestere451505
12Introduction to Law112RE23Kelly Reyniers451204
13Human Sciences111PS04Piet Bracke301204
14Microeconomics123EB21Dirk Van de gaer601806
15Macroeconomics123EB21Freddy Heylen601806
16Financial Statement Analysis123EB22Heidi Vander Bauwhede601505
17Statistics II124WE02David Vyncke301204
18Mathematics II (A)123WE02Michèle Vanmaele50903
19Research Methods I [en] 224EB23Wendy Van Lippevelde30903
20Business Law223RE21Kristof Maresceau451204
21Taxation224EB22Annelies Roggeman451505
22Analytical Accounting and Cost Accounting224EB22Sophie Hoozée601505
23Marketing I [en] 223EB23Dirk Van den Poel451505
24Organization Theory [en] 224EB23Adelien Decramer451204
25Business Skills [nl, en] 224EB23Mieke Audenaert301204
26Corporate Finance [en] 235EB22Sophie Manigart601806
27Management Accounting135EB22Sophie Hoozée451204
28Financial mathematics A235WE02Michèle Vanmaele30903
29Research Methods II236EB23Patrick Van Kenhove601806
30Entrepreneurship136EB23Mirjam Knockaert30903
31Production and Logistics Management [en] 135EB24Veronique Limère451204
32Information Systems [en] 136EB24Geert Poels452107
33Human Resources Management [nl, en] 235EB23Dirk Buyens451505
34Business Planning: Integration Test [nl, en] 236EB23Mirjam Knockaert451204

1.1 - Economic language courses Dutch speaking students


1.2 - Economic language courses non-Dutch speaking students


2 - Elective Courses

Subscribe to 1 module from the following list. Subject to approval by the faculty.

Students who have followed the Educational Track, can enter directly into the educational master's programme.

2.1 - Business Economics Track


2.2 - Educational Track