Profile of the Programme


The “International Master of Science in Fire Safety Engineering" (IMFSE), is a two-year educational programme in the Erasmus+ framework.

This master's programme is commonly organized by:

The master's thesis can also be performed at one of the associated partner institutes:

In any case, the academic responsibility remains with one of the partner institutes (Ghent University, Lund University or The University of Edinburgh).

Besides interuniversity cooperation, student mobility in Europe is one of the main points of interest of the overall programme. The mobility structure, with possible change in study location after each semester, gives the students the opportunity to gain from the strengths and expertise of each of the three universities.

The main objective is creating an educational programme that provides the required knowledge for a professional Fire Safety Engineer in a Performance Based Design environment. The Fire Safety Engineer understands and applies Fire Safety Engineering (FSE), i.e. the application of engineering principles, rules and expert judgement based on a scientific appreciation of the fire phenomena, of the effects of fire and of the reaction and behaviour of people, in order to:

These objectives are achieved by:

The International Master of Science in Fire Safety Engineering covers these topics.

The acquired competencies comprise:

Practical Information

Practical information


The two-year programme consists of four semesters of 30 ECTS credits each. The mobility structure, with possible change in study location after each semester, gives the students the opportunity to gain from the strengths and expertise of each of the three universities.

The first semester, covering basic topics in fire safety engineering, is taught in Ghent or Edinburgh. All students spend the second semester in Lund, with emphasis on enclosure fire dynamics, risk analysis and human behaviour. The third semester is again taught in Ghent (for general FSE) or Edinburgh (with focus on fire and structures engineering in the context of FSE). The fourth semester is devoted to the Master’s thesis, hosted by one or more of the three institutes or associated partner institutes.

Application procedure

Interested students have to fill out an application form available on the IMFSE website. The deadline for submitting the form is January 31 for scholarship applicants and April 30 for self-sponsored applicants starting in September of the subsequent academic year. For details on the application procedure see the IMFSE website.

IMFSE admits applicants who appear to have the highest potential for graduate study and who are the most likely to contribute substantially to their academic or professional fields through teaching, research, or professional practice.


The IMFSE consortium can award a limited number of Erasmus+ scholarships to Partner Country students (see for an overview of Programme Countries). There are also several full scholarships and tuition fee reductions granted by the IMFSE Sponsorship Consortium.

Tuition fees

The tuition fee for Partner Country students is set to € 10,000 /year (€ 9,000/year for scholarship students); for Programme Country students to € 7,000/year. This amount covers the institutional tuition fees, all classes and an Insurance scheme. Students are expected to finance their accommodation, insurances, living and travel costs themselves.


The website of IMFSE can be found at:

Information regarding the Joint Organisation of the Study Programme

The International Master of Science in Fire Safety Engineering (IMFSE) is a two year master’s programme jointly offered by Universiteit Gent (Belgium), Lund University (Sweden) and the University of Edinburgh (United Kingdom). Additionally, the University of Queensland (Australia), ETH Zürich (Switzerland) and University of Maryland (USA) are involved as Associated Partners. It is in line with articles II.172§3, II.151 and II.171§2 of the Higher Education Code dated October 11th 2013, ratified by the Decree of December 20th 2013. This Master’s programme is organised within the framework of Erasmus+, based on the framework partnership agreement nr. 2010-0152/001 for Erasmus+ Master’s courses between the European Union and Universiteit Gent. The degrees of ‘International Master of Science in Fire Safety Engineering’ (Belgium and United Kingdom) and ‘Teknologie masterexamen Huvudområde: Brandteknik’ (Sweden) are awarded on one jointly drawn up diploma document by the three partner universities. Modalities of collaboration are stated in the inter-university agreement: Agreement concerning an interuniversity programme titled ‘International Master of Science in Fire Safety Engineering - IMFSE’ organised within the Framework of the Erasmus+ Masters Course. Ghent University co-ordinates the masters programme. Additional information pertaining to the education system in each of the participating countries can be obtained from the respective partner universities.