Subscribe to no less than 30 and no more than 60 credit units from the following list. Subject to approval by the faculty.
1Explosions and Industrial Fire Safety11TW14Filip Verplaetsen451806
2Fire Dynamics11TW14Tarek Beji601806
3Research Seminar11TW14Bart Merci30903
4Thermodynamics, Heat and Mass Transfer11TW14Ivana Stankovic601806
5Material Behaviour at Ambient and Elevated Temperatures11TW14Bart Merci15903
6Active Fire Protection I: Detection and Suppression12TW14Christian Gryspeert601806
7Active Fire Protection II: Smoke and Heat Control12TW14Bart Merci601806
8Computional Fluid Dynamics2TW08Joris Degroote30903
9Fire Safety and Legislation12TW14Jan De Saedeleer15903
10Passive Fire Protection230903
11Performance-Based Design12TW14Patrick van Hees301806

1.1.1 - In-depth Structural Engineering Elective Courses Ghent University


1.1.2 - Broadening Elective Courses Ghent University