Third year of the 3 -year model track Mt1 version 1

Language of instruction Dutch

3 - Courses Related to the Main Subject

6Analytical Chemistry13WE06Frank Vanhaecke30903
7Heat Engineering and Mass Transport13TW11Geraldine Heynderickx601806
8Process Engineering13TW11Antoon Beyne601806
9Polymers13WE07Filip Du Prez601806
10Environmental Engineering13TW11Joris Thybaut601806
11Microstructure of Materials23TW08Jilt Sietsma601806
12Surface Phenomena and Catalysis23TW11Mark Saeys601806
13Advanced Fibres and Derived Materials23TW11Paul Kiekens601806
14Chemistry and Sustainable Technology23TW11Mark Saeys601806
15Cross-Course Project23TW11Joris Thybaut601806

4 - Elective Courses

Subscribe to 3 credit units from the following list, distributed over the first standard learning path as follows: 3 credit units in year 3. Subject to approval by the faculty.
1Philosophy and Science1LW01Maarten Van Dyck15903
2Biosystems1TW06Pascal Verdonck15903
3Academic English [en] A:2
LW06Geert Jacobs15903
4Basic Entrepreneurship1EB23Petra Andries15903
5Communication1TW05Leen Pollefliet20903
6Coaching and DiversityJPP10Elisabeth De Schauwer25903