Second year of the 3 -year model track Mt1 -- for re-enrolment only version 10

Language of instruction Dutch

2 - General Courses

In 2018-2019, the course Electricity (E610014, 6 credit units) is mentioned twice in the programme: once in the first year, once in the second year. However, all students take this course only once. This transitory situation will be amended in the academic year 2019-2020.

1Technology-Driven Industrial Design12TW18Johanna Renny Octavia721806
2Design Tools II12TW18Jan Detand481806
3Electricity12TW08Kurt Stockman601806
4Statistics22TW05Eric Laermans36903
5Applied Fluid Mechanics and Thermodynamics12TW08Bruno Vanslambrouck601806
6Mechanics of Materials12TW08Michael Monte36903
7Electrical and Electronic Principles2601806
8Industrial Design, Usability and Form22TW18Jelle Saldien721806
9Basic Principles of Automation22TW18Johannes Cottyn601806
10Advanced CAD22TW18Olivier Rysman601806
11Industrial Production22TW18Jan Detand36903
12Multidisciplinary Project22TW08Ria Callens30903