Complete programme version 3

Language of instruction English

1 - General Courses

The exchange programme contains a preferred list of English courses taught at UGent of the Master of Science in Biochemistry and Biotechnology. If you want to choose another course of the main programme, please contact the departmental Erasmus coordinator.


Tips for completing your Learning Agreement:

  • Please check the departmental rules for incoming students.
  • A minimum number of 24 ECTS per semester (or 48 ECTS per year) should be chosen.
  • 80% of the credits should be chosen from the course programme in Biochemistry and Biotechnology (i.e. minimum 19 credits on a total of 24 ECTS).
  • Short or long term (up to 1 year) research projects can be chosen. Students should have an agreement with a promoter at the faculty of Sciences (UGent) prior to sending their learning agreement, and include the letter of acceptance with their application.


1Structure and Function of Biological Macromolecules1WE10Savvas Savvides301204
2Structural Bioinformatics1WE10Savvas Savvides25803
3Bioinformatics 22WE09Yves Van de Peer25803
4Biostatistics2WE02Lieven Clement401204
5Biotechnology and SocietyJWE14Peter Brouckaert60803
6Systems Biology1WE09Steven Maere251204
7Biotechnology: Biosafety, GMP and Intellectual Property1WE14Koen Vanhalst25803
8Bioethics1LW01Heidi Mertes25803
9Programming for Bioinformatics1WE14Pieter De Bleser501606
10Comparative Genomics2WE09Klaas Vandepoele25803
11Unix System for Bioinformatics Environment2WE09Lieven Sterck25803
12Bioinformatics Algorithms2WE02Veerle Fack25803
13Modelling of Biological Systems1WE09Steven Maere25803
14Data Mining1WE02Yvan Saeys25803
15Databases for Bioinformatics1WE14Pieter De Bleser25803
16Proteomics1WE10Bart Devreese25803
17Biomolecular Production Methods1WE10Nico Callewaert331104
18Drug Design2WE10Savvas Savvides25803
19Experimental Structural Biology2WE10Savvas Savvides501355
20Bionanotechnology1FW01Kevin Braeckmans25803
21Metabolic Engineering1WE09Alain Goossens25803
22Glycobiology1WE10Nico Callewaert25803
23Molecular Pathophysiology and Experimental Therapy1WE14Peter Brouckaert501606
24Transgenetics of Animal Model Organisms2WE14Claude Libert501606
25Experimental Molecular Cell Biology2WE14Rudi Beyaert25803
26Human Genetics and Genetic Diseases1GE31Bruce Poppe25803
27Molecular Cancer Biology1WE14Geert Berx25803
28Neurobiology1WE14Geert van Loo25803
29Food Microbiology and Safety1DI06Kurt Houf25803
30Molecular Bacteria-Host Interactions 2WE10Aurélien Carlier25803
31Host-Virus Interactions1WE10Xavier Saelens25803
32Microbial Genomics2WE10Aurélien Carlier25803
33Molecular Microbial Ecology2WE10Marie Joossens25803
34Bioresource Recovery Processes and Engineering1LA24Erik Meers30753
35Fungal Biotechnology1WE10Nico Callewaert25803
36Plant Environment Interactions1WE11Dominique Van Der Straeten25803
37Plant Biotic Interactions2WE09Sofie Goormachtig25803
38The Plant Cell2WE09Lieven De Veylder25803
39Plant Growth and Development2WE09Tom Beeckman25803
40Molecular Plant Breeding1WE09Isabel Roldàn-Ruiz25803
41The Plant Factory1WE09Frank Van Breusegem25803
42Functional Plant Genomics1WE09Klaas Vandepoele25803
43Advanced Plant Biotic Interactions1WE09Bartel Vanholme25803
44Plant Yield1WE09Dirk Inzé25803
45Advanced Plant Cell Biology and SignalingWE09Daniël Van Damme25803
46Advanced Programming in Bioinformatics1WE14Pieter De Bleser25803
47Molecular and Experimental Immunology1WE14Martin Guilliams25803
48Biotechnological Techniques in Medical Diagnostics2FW01Dieter Deforce25803
49Biopharmacy2FW01Stefaan De Smedt15803
50Cellular Stress, Cell Death and Senescence2WE14Mathieu Bertrand25803
51Phylogenetics1WE11Olivier De Clerck321204
52Host-Parasite Interactions1WE10Dirk de Graaf25803
53The Eukaryotic Cell Cycle1WE09Lieven De Veylder25803
54Epigenetics1WE10Wim Vanden Berghe25803
55Molecular Simulations of Biosystems1WE05Toon Verstraelen25803
56Advanced Experimental Macromolecular X-ray Crystallography1WE10Kenneth Verstraete25803
57Applied High-throughput Analysis1LA26Tim De Meyer601806
58Research ProjectA:1