Complete programme (0 credits) version 5

Language of instruction English

1 - General Courses

1International and European Environmental Law11RE22An Cliquet451806
2Advanced Human Rights1RE22Eva Brems451806
3European Criminal Policy21RE23Gert Vermeulen451806
4Advanced EU Competition Law21RE22Stanislas Adam451806
5Advanced EU External Relations Law11RE22Inge Govaere451806
6Advanced EU Institutional Law11RE22Erwoan Lannon451806
7Advanced EU Internal Market Law11RE22Inge Govaere451806
8The Autonomous EU Legal Order11RE22Peter Van Elsuwege451806
9Air and Space Law21RE22Frank Maes301204
10Contemporary Issues in EU Law1RE22Inge Govaere15903
11Contemporary Issues of IP Law21RE21Hans De Wulf15903
12Peaceful Settlement of Disputes in International Law21RE22Tom Ruys301204
13EU Enlargement and Proximity Relations21RE22Erwoan Lannon301204
14EU External Relations: Selected Topics21RE22Erwoan Lannon301204
15EU Banking and Capital Market Law21RE21Michel Tison301204
16European Company Law and Corporate Governance11RE21Hans De Wulf301204
17Constitutional Aspects of EU Integration 21RE22Erwoan Lannon301204
18European Contract Law11RE21Ignace Claeys301204
19European Labour and Employment Law11RE23Filip Van Overmeiren301204
20European Media Law11RE21Eva Lievens301204
21EU Social Law and International Employment21RE23Filip Van Overmeiren301204
22EU Trade Policy11RE22Jacques Bourgeois301204
23International Commercial Arbitration21RE21Maud Piers301204
24International Business Transactions11301204
25International Economic Law21RE21Diederik Bruloot301204
26International and European Biodiversity Law21RE22An Cliquet301204
27Law of the Sea11RE22Frank Maes301204
28Law of Armed Conflict11RE22Tom Ruys301204
29Maritime Transport Law21RE21Kristiaan Bernauw301204
30EU Mergers and Acquisitions 21RE21Hans De Wulf301204
31Transport Insurance Law11RE21Kristiaan Bernauw30903
32Transport Law11RE21Kristiaan Bernauw451204
33European Private Law (ius commune)1RE21Peter Rott301204
34Moot Court: International Commercial Arbitration1RE21Maud Piers9036012
35Moot Court: Public International LawJ1RE22Frank Maes9036012
36Moot Court European Law [en, fr] JRE22Inge Govaere9036012
37Moot Court: Human RightsJ1RE22Yves Haeck9036012
38Empirical Legal StudiesNVT1EB21Bruno Merlevede301204
39Corporate Governance and FinanceNVT1RE21Christoph Van der Elst301204
40Competition Law and EconomicsNVT1RE21Ben Depoorter301204
41Economic Analysis of Intellectual PropertyNVTRE21Ben Depoorter301204
42Advanced Contract Law and EconomicsNVT1RE21Ben Depoorter301204
43Selected Issues: Organised Crime21RE23Jelle Janssens451204
44Selected Issues: Financial and Economic Crime21RE23Jelle Janssens451204
45Selected Issues: Sexual Offending, Prostitution and Human Trafficking21RE23Gert Vermeulen451204
46Selected Issues: Critical Criminology and the Criminal Justice System I21RE23Olga Petintseva451204
47Selected Issues: Critical Criminology and the Criminal Justice System II21RE23Olga Petintseva451204
48Selected Issues: Cybercrime, Technology and Surveillance2RE21Eva Lievens451204
49Selected Issues: European and International Asylum and Migration Law and Policy2RE22Ellen Desmet451204
50European Law & ICT2RE21Eva Lievens301204
51Legal Clinic: Human Rights [en, nl] J301204