Complete programme version 5

Language of instruction English

1 - Elective Courses

1Russian V [ru] 2LW21Aleksey Yudin8030010
2Language and Textual Analysis: Russian [ru] 1LW21Aleksey Yudin451505
3Contrastive Slavic Discourse Analysis [en, nl, ru] 1LW21Aleksey Yudin451505
4Ukraine: Historiography, Language, Nation-Building [ru] 2LW21Aleksey Yudin451505
5Slavic Literatures: Modernism and the Interwar Period [en, ru] 1LW21Ben Dhooge451505
6Text and Written Culture of Slavia Orthodoxa [en, nl] 2LW21Dieter Stern451505
7Bulgarian II [bg] 1LW21Dieter Stern451505
8Bulgarian III [bg] 2LW21Dieter Stern451505
9Bulgarian IV [bg] 2LW21Dieter Stern9030010
10Language and Textual Analysis: Bulgarian [bg] 1LW21Dieter Stern451505
11Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian II [sh] 1LW21Aleksey Yudin451505
12Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian III [sh] 2LW21Aleksey Yudin451505
13Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian IV [sh] 2LW21Aleksey Yudin9030010
14Language and Textual Analysis: Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian [sh] 1LW21Aleksey Yudin451505
15Slovene I [en, sl] 1LW21Dieter Stern451505
16Slovene II [en, sl] 2LW21Dieter Stern451505
17Slovene III [sl] 1LW21Dieter Stern451505
18Slovene IV [sl] 2LW21Dieter Stern451505
19Slovene V [sl] 1LW21Dieter Stern451505
20Slovene VI [sl] 2LW21Dieter Stern451505
21Russia between East and West2LW21Ben Dhooge451505