Objectives and Attainment Targets of the Study Programme



The objective of the Master of Psychology study programme is to teach students how to deal with queries that are relevant to the field of psychology in a manner that is scientifically responsible and self-reliant.
In doing so, Masters of Psychology are to rely on a solid scientific foundation and an in-depth knowledge of the various psychological disciplines, in particular in the area of neuropsychology, personality psychology, health psychology, psychopathology, psychodiagnostics and psychological intervention. In terms of occupational outcomes, the study programme takes the self-reliant and independent exercise of the profession of psychologists as its finality. In practising psychology, Masters of Psychology are to set out from the scientific study programme and reflect on thereupon. They are expected to be duly capable of analysing complex problems in the broad field of psychology and contributing to the solution thereof from a critical reflection on the discipline. In terms of academic skills, Masters of Psychology are to have the required knowledge, skills and attitudes to perform scientific research on a duly self-reliant basis.