Objectives and Attainment Targets of the Study Programme


The Master study programme is designed to explore the basic knowledge acquired during the Bachelor study programme in greater depth and aspires to further develop a scientific attitude in students. In addition to acquiring field-related knowledge and understanding at advanced level, the Master study programme is also intended to provide room for the integration of areas of know-how within economics. Furthermore, the study programme aspires to hone a range of attitudes in students, including operating on a self-reliant basis, creativity and a due critical faculty. Moreover, communication skills are further supported and developed by way of the teaching methods and learning strategies adopted as part of the study programme.

Attainment targets

The knowledge to be acquired with a due sense of perspicacity comprises : the ability to probe and comprehend the functional domains within the economy; the ability to acquire with a due sense of perspicacity the theory and empirics of economics as a scientific discipline; an in-depth understanding of the scientific research methodology and research methods and techniques used in economics.

The skills to be applied are : the ability to perform an in-depth analysis of economic issues in a manner that is scientifically underpinned; the ability to solve complex issues in the field of economy; the ability to put forward workable and duly founded solutions for general economic and social issues; the ability to conduct scientifically founded research within the economy; the ability to operate with a due sense of innovation; the ability to operate as a member of a multidisciplinary team; the ability to communicate efficiently, including with non-subject specialists.

The study programme aspires to instil the following attitudes into students : a radical critical faculty; a due sense of self-reliance; independence; integrity; objectivity; sociability; the ability to make decisions; a sense of structuring; a sense of responsibility; creativity and originality.