Subscribe to no more than 6 credit units from the following list.
1Grand Strategy and the Multipolar World [nl] 112PS03Sven Biscop451806
2Monetary Policy [nl] 112EB21Selien De Schryder451806
3Social Policy [nl] 212EB21Elsy Verhofstadt451806
4Strategic Management and Policy [nl] 112EB25Joris Voets451806
5Research Tutorial12601806
6Bayesian Statistics212EB23Dries Benoit601806
7Agricultural and Food Economics [nl] 212LA27Xavier Gellynck451806
8Labour Law and Social Security Law [nl] 212RE23Patrick Humblet451806
9Environmental Law [nl] J12RE22Luc Lavrysen451806
10Urban and Regional Economy [nl] 112TW15Luuk Boelens301806
11Insurances [nl] 112RE21Kristiaan Bernauw601806
12Competition and Regulatory Policy [nl] 112EB25Frank Naert601806
13Transport Economics [nl] 212EB21Christa Sys451806
14Introduction to European Union Law [nl] 112RE22Peter Van Elsuwege451806
15Economics and Ethics [nl] 212EB25Ludo Peferoen451806
16Internship [en, nl] J12EB22Ignace De Beelde151806