Complete programme (120 credits) version 4

Language of instruction English

1 - General Courses

1Strategic Management111EB23Johan Verrue451806
2Technology for the Circular Economy211LA25Tom Van de Wiele601505
3Human Resources Management211EB23Dirk Buyens451505
4System Dynamics111TW08Mia Loccufier451505
5Business-to-business Marketing111EB23Steve Muylle451806
6Managing Service Organisations111EB23Paul Gemmel451204
7Enterprise Architecture123EB24Geert Poels451204
8Innovation Management223EB23Katrien Verleye30903
9Business Process Management223EB24Frederik Gailly451204
10Financing High Tech Entrepreneurial Companies123EB22Sophie Manigart301204
11Technology Entrepreneurship123EB23Johan Verrue301204

2 - Courses Related to the Main Subject

1Advanced Production Management212EB24Tarik Aouam451806
2Project Management112EB24Mario Vanhoucke451806
3Quality Management212EB24Dries Goossens451806
4Robust and Data-Driven Optimisation and Simulation212EB24Broos Maenhout451204
5Supply Chain Management223EB24Tarik Aouam451806
6Decision Making for Business124EB24Mario Vanhoucke451806

3 - Elective Courses

Subscribe to 12 credit units from no less than 1 and no more than 3 modules from the following list. Subject to approval by the faculty.

Distributed over the first standard learning path as 6 credit units in year 1 and 6 credit units in year 2, over the second standard learning path as 6 credit units in year 2 and 6 credit units in year 3.

3.1 - Elective Advanced Courses


3.2 - Elective General Courses


3.3 - Elective Courses


4 - Master's Dissertation

1Master's DissertationJ245072024