Complete programme (120 credits) -- for re-enrolment only version 3

Language of instruction English

1 - General Courses

1Strategic Management111EB23Johan Verrue451806
2Environmental Technology211LA25Tom Van de Wiele601806
3Human Resources Management211EB23Dirk Buyens451505
4System Dynamics111TW08Mia Loccufier451505
5Business-to-business Marketing111EB23Steve Muylle451806
6Managing Service Organisations111EB23Paul Gemmel451204
7Implementation and Management of ICT within an Organisation123EB24Geert Poels451204
8Innovation Management223EB23Katrien Verleye30903
9Business Process Management223EB24Frederik Gailly451204
10Financing High Tech Entrepreneurial Companies123EB22Sophie Manigart301204
11Technology Entrepreneurship123EB23Johan Verrue301204

2 - Courses Related to the Main Subject

1Social Media and Web Analytics 212EB23Matthias Bogaert451806
2Analytical Customer Relationship Management112EB23Dirk Van den Poel451806
3Pricing and Revenue Management112EB23Dries Benoit451806
4Robust and Data-Driven Optimisation and Simulation212EB24Broos Maenhout451204
5Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics223EB23Dirk Van den Poel451806
6Big Data124EB23Dirk Van den Poel451806

3 - Elective Courses

Subscribe to 11 credit units from no less than 1 and no more than 3 modules from the following list. Subject to approval by the faculty.

Distributed over the first standard learning path as 6 credit units in year 1 and 5 credit units in year 2, over the second standard learning

path as 6 credit units in year 2 and 5 credit units in year 3.

3.1 - Elective Advanced Courses


3.2 - Elective General Courses


3.3 - Elective Courses Academic Teacher Education


4 - Master's Dissertation

1Master's DissertationJ245072024