Subscribe to no more than 6 credit units from the following list.
1Investment Analysis112EB21Michael Frömmel451806
2Financial Modelling212EB22Klaas Mulier451806
3Pricing and Revenue Management112EB23Dries Benoit451806
4Big Data112EB23Dirk Van den Poel451806
5Advanced Production Management212EB24Tarik Aouam451806
6Project Management112EB24Mario Vanhoucke451806
7Quality Management212EB24Dries Goossens451806
8Economic Globalisation212EB21Ilse Ruyssen451806
9Environmental Economics and Policy [nl] 212EB21Brent Bleys451806
10Labour and Employment [nl] 112EB21Stijn Baert451806
11Monetary Theory and Policy [nl] 112EB21Gert Peersman451806
12Advanced Income Taxation [nl] 112RE21Inge Van De Woesteyne451806
13Advanced Corporate Taxation [nl] 112RE21Inge Van De Woesteyne451806
14Advanced VAT-Law [nl] 112EB22Johan Van Der Paal451806
15International and European Taxation212EB22Patrick Derthoo30903
16Local and Regional Taxes [nl] 112EB22Annelies Roggeman30903
17Tax Procedure [nl] 212EB22Johan Speecke30903
18Legislation on Succession and Registration [nl] 212EB22Hélène Casman30903
19Deontology [nl] 212EB22Ingrid De Poorter30903
20Accounting Law: Capita Selecta [nl] 112EB22Koen De Grave30903
21Powerful Learning Environments [nl] 112PP06Bram De Wever401806
22Classroom Management and Reflection [nl] 212PP06Martin Valcke401806
23The Teacher within School and Society [nl] 112PP06Emmelien Merchie401806
24Psychology of Adolescence [nl] 112PP07Wim Beyers301204
25Interaction and Communication in the Classroom [nl] 212PP06André Mottart401204