Objectives and Attainment Targets of the Study Programme


This study programme is aimed at the study of the fundamental aspects of physics and astronomy and aspires to train physicists and astronomers through the balanced combination of courses. Students are familiarised with the analysis, design and optimisation of existing and new conceptual models. In doing so, implementing simplifications in order to arrive at usable descriptions is essential.

As part thereof, the reductionist approach is central, with experimentation and mathematical modelling aimed at reducing the natural and astronomical phenomena down to their essence and at ascertaining the fundamental laws that occur.

The attitude to be applied is rigorous with theories that have been developed required to pass experimental testing. Constant feedback between theory and experiment is required. The study programme aspires to train academic Masters who have developed the appropriate attitudes involving problem-solving reasoning skills that are inherent to training as a physicist or astronomer.

Attainment targets