1Advanced Training in Veterinary Morphology NVTDI03Pieter Cornillie20060020
2Advanced Clinical Training in Small Animal Neurology and NeurosurgeryJDI09Luc Van Ham20060020
3Advanced Clinical Training in Small Animal Soft Tissue SurgeryDI09Hilde De Rooster20060020
4Laboratory Animal Science I1DI05Katleen Hermans401505
5Laboratory Animal Science II1DI05Katleen Hermans401505
6Advanced Clinical Training in Large Animal Soft Tissue SurgeryDI10Ann Martens20060020
7Advanced Clinical Training in Large Animal OrthopaedicsJDI10Ann Martens20060020
8Advanced Clinical Training in Small Animal MedicineJ20060020
9Advanced Clinical Training in Equine Internal MedicineJ20060020
10Big Data in Life Sciences and Biomedicine1500
11qPCR course by Biogazelle 2018-20191500
12Generalized linear models in R1500
13Conduct systematic reviews in the clinical context 2019(Cochrane) 1500
14“Start using R” for health scientists1600
15Research Seminars in the Social Study of Migration and Refugees1500
16NB-Photonics –Multidisciplinary seminars 2018-20191600
17Silicon Photonics Design Course 20191600
18GRS 2019: Embodiment and the Performativity of Gender 1600
19Applied Flow cytometry 2019 - hematological and immunological analyses 1600
20Specialist course on digital PCR 2018-20191500
21BePA course: What can proteomics do for you?1500
22Introduction to data management and causal inferences, conducting your own power analyses1500