1Causal Inference in Microeconometrics with Application to Program Evaluation602408
2Winterschool 2019 Lacan's 'Kant with Sade'1600
3How to study affect? Anthropological engagements with materiality1500
4Global Studies Research Seminar – Spring 2019: the Global Turn1500
5Sound & Listening on the edge of Music, Performance, Film and New Media 1600
6Research Seminars in the Social Study of Migration and Refugees1500
7Economic Archaeology1600
8The Nature of Fiction1500
9Methods of analysis in (criminological) reviews1500
10GRS 2019: Embodiment and the Performativity of Gender 1600
11Studying self-regulation in the context of health-related behaviors1600
12Taking a stance: reflexivity in research with a social justice orientation1600
13Introduction to data management and causal inferences, conducting your own power analyses1500