1Chinese Writing and Lexicography in Medieval China1600
2Autumn School 2018: Medieval Philosophy1500
3Winterschool 2019 Lacan's 'Kant with Sade'1600
4Representations of Violence and the Eye of the Beholder (1600-Today) 1600
5Winter School Antiquity 'Challenge and Response' 20191500
6Modern linguistic approaches to languages from the past1500
7How to study affect? Anthropological engagements with materiality1500
8Law and Literature 20191500
9Global Studies Research Seminar – Spring 2019: the Global Turn1500
10Sound & Listening on the edge of Music, Performance, Film and New Media 1600
11Research Seminars in the Social Study of Migration and Refugees1500
12Intellectuals on the margins1600
13Women and Nuns in Chinese Buddhism1600
14Economic Archaeology1600
15The Nature of Fiction1500
16TAPAS series 2018-2019: Decolonizing Practices and Discourses in Belgium1500
17Methods of analysis in (criminological) reviews1500
18Translation and culture transfer1600
19Human Action between Satisfaction and Obligation1600
20GRS 2019: Embodiment and the Performativity of Gender 1600