1The Word as Space and Time1600
2The globalisation of knowledge1600
3What are you training for? On acting and performance techniques1600
4Critical perspectives on Identity in the European Framework1600
59th Winter School Complexity and Hybridity in Antiquity 20181600
6Courts and society in transition1600
7New Materialism and Difference1600
8Studying past and present Performances with Philip Auslander1600
9Buddhism in Medieval Chinese Silk Culture1500
10Participatory Video as a Research Method1500
11Philosophical Approaches to Film Theory 1600
12Archaeological Sciences: multidisciplinary approaches 1600
13Histories and Theories of Reading: Fourth Series (2018) 1600
14Pragmatism for Social Scientists: Histories, Criticism & Opportunities1600
152nd U4 Summer School Religion 'Exclusivity, inclusivity and pluralism'1600
16Mnemonics 2018: Ecologies of Memory1600
17Critical Ethnography and Feminist Epistemology Seminar1600