Complete programme (180 credits) version 2

Language of instruction English

1 - General Courses

1Introduction to Sociology11PS04Jannick Demanet451806
2Introduction to Political Science11VUBSilvia Erzeel451806
3Introduction to Communication Studies11VUBJan Loisen451806
4European History21VUBEline Severs451806
5Political Structures and Processes of the EU11VUBAlexander Mattelaer451806
6Introduction to Belgian Society and Politics21VUBDave Sinardet451806
7Statistics for the Social Sciences11Pieter-Paul Verhaeghe451806
8Introduction to SPC Methodology21PS01Gino Verleye451806
9Communicating Scientific Knowledge21PS05Christopher Parker451806
10Seminar Current Issues I21VUBJan Loisen451806
11Critical Thinking in Sociology 12VUBDieter Vandebroeck451806
12Critical Thinking in Political Science 12PS05Christopher Parker451806
13Critical Thinking in Communication Studies 12VUBLeen Van Brussel451806
14History of International Relations 12VUBJonathan Holslag451806
15Quantitative Research Methods 12PS04Jannick Demanet451806
16Economy and Society 22PS03Mattias Vermeiren451806
17Media, Culture and Diversity 22PS01Frederik Dhaenens451806
18Social Change & Inequality in Europe 22Pieter-Paul Verhaeghe451806
19Qualitative Research Methods 22PS04Peter Stevens451806
20Seminar Current Issues II 22VUBDieter Vandebroeck451806

2 - Courses Related to the Main Subject

1Historical Perspectives on Media and Communication 3451806
2Media Psychology and Media Sociology3PS01Koen Ponnet451806
3Political Economy of Communication 3451806
4International Communication 3451806
5European Media Policy 3451806
6Cultural Media Studies3451806
7Content and Text Analysis 3451806

3 - Elective Courses

Subscribe to 6 credit units from the following list.

With the exception of the courses related to the main subject.

1Multivariate Analysis A 451806
2Multivariate Analysis B 451806
3Advanced Research Methods in Political Science: Ethnography451806
4Content and Text Analysis 451806
5Audience Research 451806
6Policy Analysis 451806

4 - Project

1Bachelor Paper311036012