Objectives and Attainment Targets of the Study Programme


Whether on a self-reliant basis or as a member of a team, Masters of Electrical Engineering are expected to be capable of building complex electronic (communications) systems in a duly efficient and methodical manner within a broad field of applications, ranging from the conception and analysis right up to the design, implementation, testing and management of such systems. In doing so, graduate students are to draw on their in-depth theoretical foundations, technological knowledge, and contemporary professional tools and resources in support of the development of such systems. In addition, they are to have the required research attitudes and competences to support creative or innovative efforts in industry or in scientific research.


The principal aim of the Master of Science in Electrical Engineering study programme is to train graduate engineers who comply with the profile outlined above.

Attainment targets

The attainment targets of the Master of Science in Electrical Engineering study programme are summarised as follows:

For each main subject, the scientific, technological and application-oriented attainment targets are refined further (i) in the domain of the design of complex electronic circuits and systems, (ii) in the domain of complex telecommunications networks and applications.