Profile of the Programme

The training component of the FUSION-DC Doctoral Programme is implemented through the FUSION-DC Joint Doctoral Training Programme, which aims to offer one coherent training programme for Doctorate candidates in Fusion Sciences.

The FUSION-DC network is composed of 18 European institutions from 8 EU countries (8 full partners and 10 associated), the ITER Organization and 9 associated partners from China, Japan, the Russian Federation and the USA. The network incorporates higher education institutions, public research centres as well as industrial partners. The training programme is administratively managed by the FUSION-DC Secretariat at the Coordinating Institution Ghent University.

Key elements of the training programme are:

• at least 18 Credits of training of which at least 6 Credits in transferable skills and at least 12 Credits in expert training courses • attendance of at least two international scientific conferences (with poster or oral presentation), • at least one paper as first author published or accepted in a refereed scientific journal, • attend at least two ‘Phd Annual Meetings’.

The FUSION-DC joint doctoral training programme is open to any doctoral researcher in the field of nuclear fusion science and engineering. For FUSION-DC Doctoral Candidates (doctoral researchers doing a doctoral research under the FUSION-DC programme) it is an obligatory element in order to obtain their doctorate. A Doctoral Candidate who completes all elements of the training programme will receive a training programme certificate issued by Ghent University. For further information, check the website